Curriculum & Classrooms

Curriculum & Classrooms


Our Curriculum is designed with specific objectives for each age level. Our classrooms are set up to create an environment that is rich with learning opportunities, safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate. Your child’s learning experience will drive his/her development.
Our classrooms are set up to meet the developmental needs of your child and to provide him/her the opportunity to make choices. Each classroom will give your child the following learning possibility:

Gross Motor: This area encourages children to use their large muscles through physical activity, block play, music and movement.

Dramatic Play: This area encourages children to engage in role-playing activities with the use of props.

Quiet: This area allows children a space to retreat to for some quiet time and encourages children to develop language/literacy skills through the use of books and soft toys and to develop fine motor coordination with the use of manipulatives.

Art: This area encourages children to express themselves and be creative through art and to heighten their sensory awareness through a variety of sensory oriented activities. Children will get messy! In order to maximize children’s potential in developing all the afore-mentioned skills, they need to engage in hands-on activities that utilize their senses.


Infant Classroom (6 weeks - 12 months)

WellKind has been such a blessing for our family! We are beyond pleased with the care our child gets here. I never thought an infant would be able to express preference to be in a particular place, but at around 4 months old I noticed our son would get super excited whenever we dropped him off. This has never gone away; he always has a gigantic smile as soon as he knows he’s at WellKind. The teachers and staff are all so warm and friendly, and we love that our child is getting socialized in such a fantastic environment. We are thrilled there is some form of a curriculum and learning even in the infant room. We are confident that our child is an excellent hands when he is at WellKind.

- Jillian T.

In our Infant classroom our mission is to provide quality individualized care for your baby. We know that highly nurturing and responsive care for your baby is your top priority and we do just that by providing the best environment for your baby and meeting all of their needs swiftly.

Our highly trained teachers will guide your baby to explore a variety of learning concepts which will stimulate his natural and incredible curiosity to learn. We believe that building a strong relationship with your baby through consistency and routine will help her to excel in this early stage of development.

More than 40 years of research confirms the importance of early education and care for children’s ongoing and future success.

Young Toddler Classroom (1 - 2 years old)

We entered out daughter into the young toddler program at WellKind School for Early Learners and absolutely love it. The teachers and staff are so welcoming and build great relationships with each child. The atmosphere is positive and calming. The curriculum is filled with fun activities and we have seen so much growth in our daughter’s independence. We are beyond happy with our decision!

- Julie Z.

In our Young Toddler Classroom we continue to build on the base of knowledge that your child has already acquired as an infant. We will support your child as he enters into a new stage of mobility whether cruising along or already walking!

Young Toddlers love to explore so we set up a classroom environment that supports this desire offering children a safe and child-proof area to explore featuring more defined interest areas.

Older Toddler Classroom (2 - 3 years old)

We’ve had our son at WellKind School for almost a year and a half now and I can’t explain how grateful we are for this center. All the teachers are kind, friendly, patient and provide individualized attention to each child. Our son loves all the activities and games they do during the day and I love seeing all the new things he’s learning. I love to see him progress from classroom to classroom as he grows and we’re so appreciative of the care given to our child.

- Ashley K.

Older Toddlers love to be independent and help out in any way they can! We appreciate this new stage of development and allow the children to be very participatory in all aspects of their classroom routines.

Our highly trained teachers will foster and support this need in your child by providing a number of self help activities which your child can complete. We also offer children a variety of choices so that they can have an active role in their learning experiences.

Language development is a key area which is heavily focused on in the Older Toddler classroom through meaningful interactions between your child and the teacher as well as though a strong base in literacy.

Preschool Classroom (3 - 4 years old)

My husband and I decided to change schools for our 4 month old son since we didn’t feel like he was getting the care he needed at his previous childcare. Choosing WellKind was the best decision we made for him. He has already learned so much and continues to progress his development. Since switching to WellKind he has learned how to sit up on his own, he can grab his toys more easily and even knows how to use them! We get daily reports and the teachers share with us any concerns they may have. We get daily photos and it’s heartwarming to see him play with his new friends and teachers. WellKind has great events, wonderfull programs and truly care about the children. We are beyond thrilled!

- Michelle O.

Three year old children often exhibit an increase in independence as well as an imagination explosion!

In the 3 year old classroom we recognize this and aim to explore and expand on your child’s unique imagination through many play-based learning experiences.

You may also notice that your child is becoming more social. We will help guide your child through these social dynamics and problem solving techniques to help encourage positive social interactions

Pre-K Classroom (4 years old)

I put my daughter into WellKind once a week to get her socialized with other kids and she absolutely loved it! I went to this facility when I was a child and always loved it. Everyone was very kind and caring – and that was over 15 years ago! I know my daughter is in great hands when I take her in. Thank You!

- Samantha S.

Our Pre-K students are enjoying their final full year in our Program prior to heading off to Kindergarten. The Pre-K classroom focuses on the necessary readiness skills which will ensure that your child is ready on the first day of Kindergarten.

Young and Older School Age (K - 12 years old)

Our family loves WellKind! The teachers and staff are very friendly and always willing to stop and answer questions or just get caught up with how everything is going. The center is clean and cozy. I really love that my daughter comes home saying positive affirmations about herself and her friends at school. I highly recommend this school to anyone who believes in quality early childhood education.

- Alyssa H.

Both of our After School classrooms focus on fostering an environment which help to build the children’s self esteem. We have a strict anti-bullying policy and incorporate activities and projects which support a positive classroom environment where each child feels safe and supported as they continue to develop.

We currently transport before and after school to Whittier Elementary & McNicols Plaza.