Our School

Our School

Our Mission

At WellKind we create opportunities for EVERY individual to deeply develop themselves and discover the diverse and unique talents that EACH one of us possess.

Our Vision

At WellKind we believe that through promoting awareness of the 7 pillars of wellness and by purposefully connecting these areas, we will rise up as a community of fulfilled, passionate, joyful, and kind hearted individuals armed with the knowledge and skills we need to become the best versions of themselves and in turn use those skills to spark positive change in the world around us. We will be ambassadors for love, acceptance, peace and happiness in its fullest sense.

Seeking Early Childhood Professionals

Learn our methods of incorporating: mindfulness, brain breaks, nutrition education & self-care practices in the classroom.

We are hiring for the following positions:

● Full-Time Teacher 40 hours/wk

● Full Time Teacher's Assistant 40 hours/wk

● Part-time Team Member 10-20hrs/wk

Program hours: Monday-Friday 6:30 am to 5:30 pm Schedules dependent upon classroom needs.

Early Childhood Education majors or related fields preferred.

Scholarship opportunities available to continue education.

Email resume to: recruitment@wearewellkind.com

Or fill up the employment application (PDF)