Daily Memo and Parents App

Daily Memo and Parents App

Big news: We are transitioning to Brightwheel!

“Brightwheel is available for both Apple and Android and will help you to stay connected with your child and their teacher by sharing important information and a priceless archive of all the beneficial things your child is learning at school.”

Below you will find more information about the app, link to download it and how-to videos made for parents!

Download the app

Fall in love with all the features!

Safe and Convenient Sign up

Parents will receive an invitation directly to their phone to join the Brightwheel app and it will be automatically linked to your child's profile

Pictures and Videos

Parents will receive memorable moments right to their phone or on the web. You will also have the ability to upload or share photos of your child when they are at home, allowing us to connect with your family and that part of your child's life.


Deliver as a timeline, you will easily engage with your child's teacher and child care administrators through the communication app.

Billing & Payments

Forget about making payments every week, with Brightwheel, parents can set up recurring payments. Parents are also allow to pay while on-the-go and never forget a payment again.

Emergency Alerts and Reminders

You will receive emergency alerts by text message and in the app as necessary. You will also receive important reminders and events happening at the Center.


You will be able to access the schedule of events and activities.

parent guide


Send us an e-mail to info@wearewellkind.com or call 570-3468719.

Make sure that the e-mail and telephone you are using is the one you gave us during Enrollment.

The cost of the App is included in your Monthly Educational Fee.

Only Primary Contacts listed as Parents will be able to receive all Pictures, Videos, and Notifications from the Center. You can choose 2 Primary Contacts at Enrollment, however you can add more by requesting it at Reception.

If you have any question please feel free to Contact Us!