Enrollment Process (6 Steps)

Enrollment Process (6 Steps)

Step 1

Family Information

To start the Enrollment Process, we will need your help in providing all of the necessary information required in the following format.

Step 2

Getting to know you!

This information will help your child’s teacher to know more information about your child and your family. Please fill out one form for each child!

Step 3

Initial Health Report

A Health Report must be signed by a physician, physician’s assistant, CRNP, the Department of Health or a local health department with a copy of ongoing vaccines administered  in accordance with the schedule recommended by the ACIP.

Step 4

Child and Adult Care Food Program Eligibility Questionnaire

WellKind School for Early Learners offers healthy meals and snacks to children as part of our Healthy Lifestyle Pillar and with the support of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).

CACFP gives financial support  to WellKind School based on your household income which helps keep tuition costs lower.

Please fill out a CACFP Meal Benefit Income Eligibility form. It will help us find out how much support WellKind School receives.

Please be sure to read the instructions carefully and fill in all the information we request. We can only accept complete forms.

Child Care Center Meal Benefit Income Eligibility Questionnaire. / Cuestionario para participar en CACFP

Step 5

Complete your child's initial ASQ

Download and print the Ages and Stages Questionnaire and Social and Emotional Questionnaire that corresponds with your child’s age. Complete this questionnaires to the best of your knowledge and bring them to your child’s first day of school.

Step 6

Explore the Parent Portal!

Within the Parent Portal you will find links to our 2 systems, important documents and a school calendar with events and closing dates.

All done!